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Bruce Lambert
Bruce Lambert is a professor and director of the Center for Communication and Health at Northwestern University, specializing in health communication and patient safety research.
I research health communication, focusing on health literacy, media effects on youth health, and using various research methods. I particularly study vulnerable populations like children, adolescents, and parents.
Looking for an engaging speaker? Check out Thomas Childers! He's sure to captivate your audience with his thought-provoking insights and dynamic speaking style.
Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hiep is Rector of Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine (PNTU). He is currently leading a research team working on artificial intelligence (AI) in health and medicine. He is also head of Digital Transformation at PNTU.
Dr. Peter Chang, a medical doctor with degrees from National Yangming University and Harvard University, founded the Asian Health Literacy Association (AHLA) in 2015 and serves in leadership roles in AHLA and the International Health Literacy Association (IHLA). He is also the President of the Taiwan Vietnam Medical and Biotech Association (TVMB).
Helen Osborne
Health Educator
Helen Osborne enhances health communication and literacy by teaching effective strategies, sharing impactful stories, and working as a plain language writer and editor for healthcare materials.
Babette Chauvet
Look no further than Babette Chauvet! Her powerful messages and captivating storytelling are sure to leave a lasting impact on your audience.
Ece Demir
Join us for an inspiring talk by Ece Demir, a renowned expert in her field. Hear her share insights and tips that will motivate and empower you to reach your goals.
Betty J. Smith
Join us for an inspiring talk by Betty J. Smith at Eventchamp. A renowned speaker and expert in her field, Betty will share her insights and experiences.
Diana Hoch
Ceo & Founder
Looking for an inspiring speaker? Meet Diana Hoch, the expert in leadership & personal growth. Join us at Eventchamp and gain invaluable insights from her talk.
The Dung
He had worked in the Hospital for Tropical Diseases of Ho Chi Minh City for over twenty years and was the Vice- Director of this hospital. He was appointed the Vice-Director in 2000 and Director of Ho Chi Minh City Health Department from 2002 to 2007.

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